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Schedule Your Life

For the last few weeks I’ve been sharing how to achieve success, or accomplish your goals. Using a personal story, I have walked through each of the first three steps of the process. Hopefully, you’ve been coming along on the journey!

The final two steps will help create momentum that is hard to stop!

OK, we’ve got our goals on a sheet of paper (learn how to swim). We’ve made a plan for one or more of them (hire a swim instructor and meet eight times before I go on vacation). We’ve scheduled our plan (Monday and Wednesday at 6:45 AM and 1:00 PM on Friday) on our calendar before other things.

Having this plan on my calendar allowed for me to forget about thinking about doing it. It was just on my calendar. That is why that step is so important. The next step of completing your life revolves around all of your other commitments.

SCHEDULE YOUR LIFE.  You have your goals scheduled on your calendar. Add your other appointments, lunch meetings, business meetings, etc., around your goals.

It reminds me of a financial budget, except a time budget. You tell your time where to go. If you don’t, it will tell you where to go and what to do with time. Once we budget our time to target the successes we see as important for our lives, we then can manage our other time differently. We can add our appointments, etc., to our budgeted time. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

It’s Go Time

Life happens. We get to watch our calendar go by or we get to happen to life and to our calendar. If you’ve scheduled your plan and then added your other commitments, you are happening to life, my friend.

I was able to happen to life when it came to accomplishing my goal of learning to swim. I went to all 8 sessions and was able to accomplish something as simple as this:

Not a big deal for most, I know. But for my goals, mission accomplished! I was able to use about three weeks of my life to achieve something that had eluded me for 38 years.

You have a few goals on your calendar at this point, right? You haven’t spent 38 years dreaming about them have you? Maybe some of you have waited longer for a dream you have.

The MAP session I committed to for just this one item on my list allowed for me to have success with learning how to swim. Now I just needed more experience! And I wanted to see if I had truly learned. So I proceeded to the next and final step in the Goal-Setting process.

Final Step


So I did. I checked off the boxes on my MAP session as I completed a swim lesson.

Remember my 7 sub-goals of getting over my water issue from the “New Plan” section of the goal-setting workshop? They were: learn how to swim, learn how to breath properly, learn how to tread water, jump in the deep end of the pool, go snorkeling, go surfing, and go water skiing.

As I accomplished each of these sub-goals, I was able to check these off as completed as well. And remember we were going to Key West, FL, for the holidays? Well, we had an opportunity to go snorkeling.

So I did.

Mark Champion, swim, lessons, goal setting, Tony Robbins

If you look close, you might be able to see me on the left side of the picture!

Mark Champion, swim, lessons, goal setting, Tony Robbins

My wife and I were able to enjoy an exciting time in the water! Together. What an achievement!

We definitely celebrated after this!

I am thankful for the opportunity to have some success with my goal of “Getting over my water issue.” This process really could apply to everything you and I want to go after. Finances. Relationships. Health. Spirituality. Mentality. Really, everything. All we have to do is decide to.

I can speak from experience when I say, this journey has been unlike anything I have experienced before in my life.

So if you are really looking at creating life change, try out this Goal-Setting Workshop.

It could be the difference between staying here and going there. Wherever there is.

If you’d like to read more about this process from Tony Robbins himself, please visit his post on 5 Master Steps for Planning an Extraordinary Life.

Final Thought

A final “Thank you!” goes to Donna for helping me “jump in.” Donna was a NCAA All American Swimmer. She knows how to swim. Without her help, I would have had a tough time understanding the experience of something that was so foreign to me. She also helped me advance past some things that would have potentially been difficult to learn on my own.

If you have a goal you are going after, find someone who has done it before you. Connect. Learn. Conquer. Grow.

I’m looking forward to applying that to what’s next for my life. I hope to have more MAP sessions that lay out steps for this next season. As I connect, learn, conquer, and grow, I’ll let you know my progress. If you want to connect with me, be sure to follow me on Twitter. That’s where I speak first. I am also on CyberDust. If you have CyberDust, you can add me with +markchampion.

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