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Home Court Advantage

The end of the first quarter, 2015, is the end of an era. For many. In many ways. There are a lot of folks doing month end and 1Q reports on March 31. People are getting paychecks for their second pay period of the month. For me…it’s a little different.

I’ve been on a new journey since December of last year. Through March I have used this time to go on a discovery. I learned how to swim. I retired from coaching soccer, something I’ve done for 18 years. I traveled to Hawaii with my wife for our anniversary. I went to a conference that encouraged me to “Say yes.” I’ve connected with people that are ahead of me on the journey in a couple of areas, learning as much as I can from them. I have made some decisions with my finances that have pinched our pockets a little. I have set some pretty big goals for our family as we move into this next phase of life, which is exciting for us!

I’d say I’m close to the next phase… Whatever phase it will be.

One thing that has been repeated to me in a couple of different scenarios is the idea of Home Court Advantage. If you’ve ever competed in sports, you probably are aware of the benefits of Home Court Advantage.

It’s your home court of home field.

Your fans.

Your stands.

Your house.

Who is around YOU? What people are YOU connected to? What projects are YOU working on? Do these things and these people help YOU transcend where YOU are at right now? These are questions I am posing to you, but I am going through them as well for myself.

As the 1Q of 2015 comes to a close, I would ask you to join me as we press in to 2Q. We can do some big things together! If you’re interested in coming with me, or if you would like for me to come with you, please fill out this form below.

Also, I’m starting a 10-day challenge today. If you want to join me on this 10-day journey to help prepare you for what’s coming, type your name below and add 10DAY to the end of your name. I’ll get back with you today, Monday, March 30, with some information on my 10-day challenge you can join with me!

It’s our house! Let’s go after 2Q!!!

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