microphone, testing


Is this thing on?

Ever been there? The mic…it’s in your hand. You bring it to your mouth as you exhale words to bring the ears of the audience to the edge of their seats.

And then the power isn’t on….

You have to turn the power switch on the mic to the on position.

“Testing…Testing…1-2-3. Is this thing on?”

That’s what they heard. Not the soliloquy that you had planned, but the buzz of the power and “Testing.”

You give the mic a pop-pop on the wire mesh top to hear the two beats. Yep. It’s on.



Now you can start your speech to bring those ears to attention. And then you say…

“Good morning, ladies and gentleman…”

That is what I experienced last week. I was ready to bring a wonderful announcement to all of the faithful!

But my mic wasn’t on! I had a setback. A difficulty.


So I bring to you my announcement this week. This Friday I will be taking a test that will reveal if I pass and get to move into the next phase of my career.

Sure there were setbacks last week. Sure I wasn’t excited about the difficulties. But those difficulties have come to pass.

This week I will be passing those difficulties up and heading towards my licensing program.

Next week, I will be excited to announce the path.

Won’t you stay with me on the journey?

May your difficulties come to pass as well. Let’s keep going with passion and massive amounts of action this week!

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