About Me

My Journey In Blog is a first-hand perspective of the Life of me, Mark Champion. I have been encouraged with the NOW. What is happening right now that will allow me to succeed, connect, love, advance, encourage, move. NOW

As I have searched for the place of my faith on my own, the Lord has carried me on some crazy trips, all to rid myself of me and look only to Him. My beautiful wife, Julie, has been by my side (we were married in 2010) as we have listened to Christ draw us to Himself through our experiences. It was a wild beginning to our marriage, but who wants a boring life!?

Julie and Mark Champion

One of my focuses here is the Eternal Building Project that God has in motion. I want to see Him, express Him and help in His building project in any way He desires. Some of these posts will be to encourage others on a similar journey.

Another focus is personal development. I want to provide encouragement to those who are looking to better themselves. There are always things that can get in our way. Sometimes its helpful to have a voice remind us that we have Purpose. We have been given Passion. I love to see people be passionate to pursue their purpose.

So, my wife and I rest in Nashville, yearning to see more of Him in our local expression of Christ. We look forward to seeing more Eternal Building Projects across the world be planted and watered and grown. For He is the Master Builder. We are passionately pursuing our purpose through His eyes.

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