Other Cats Found Roaming

I have written a series of posts with the idea that Cats were in a Bag. As we discussed the “Cats” they were then released, or, “The cat’s out of the bag.” We want those cats to be out!

The Cats that were discussed were words that we hear as a particular word in the English language that may have other intent in the original language and culture. Here are the “Cats” in published order: Read More

The Cat out of the Bag :: Life

We have embarked upon quite a journey together. 9 Cats have been released out of the Bag throughout the last nine weeks. Whew! It’s time for the 10th and final Cat…of this series anyway.

Let’s start this journey with a short video…about cats.

If you lived in the 80’s, this scene would be complete with a big piece of cardboard. I always wondered why refrigerators came in cardboard boxes…until I saw that first break dancer…spinning on his back… Read More

The Cat out of the Bag :: Head

We come to the 9th Cat being released out of the Bag. In, Grace, Will, Truth, Glory, Discipleship, Salvation, Purpose, and now, Head.

This information is highly debatable and highly controversial. So, may I say again, I am not a seminary-trained man. I am a man who is searching for the Lord. I am looking to edify the Body of Christ through these articles I have written for The Cat out of the Bag series.

Anything that steps on toes or goes against any traditions is not personal. It is my experience. It is something I have discovered as I have looked through the eyes the Lord gave me. I have also made some of these discoveries through interacting and being built into the Body of Christ with believers my wife and I meet with. Read More

The Cat out of the Bag :: Purpose

This Cat out of the Bag series has been quite a journey. I’m not sure why, but I feel there have been so many words that have come up since I began that may be able to seen through a different lens. I plan on writing a second series on those words…or Cats…and letting them out of the bag as well. Until then…

God’s will is very similar to this post, however, I think there are some substantial differences in perspective. To read on God’s will, click here.

This Cat we are releasing from the Bag is purpose.

What is God’s purpose of creating earth and the human race?


Why am I here? Read More

The Cat out of the Bag :: Salvation

We have journeyed through six of the ten Cats out of the Bag. We have discussed In, Grace, Will, Truth, Glory, and Discipleship. There are four more Cats to discover in this series of redefining words that may have had different meanings when the words were written such a long time ago.

I really can’t believe I am writing on this word. I mean, what could possibly be different about the word salvation? Nonetheless I have heard this word as one that may have a different meaning than we know today. The baseline redefinition needed can be found in this sentence:

Grab your salvation Cat out of the Bag. Read More