If you haven’t read about our Swiss brothers and sisters, please be sure to click through and read about them through this link.

– June 11, 2013

The French Saints are precious and unique in their own way.

Our meals with the French brothers and sisters blew my mind. There were many courses and an abundance of calories in each course!

I am not sure how many types of cheeses we were able to consume. They let us know how many cheeses their were in their area…365. If you’re good at math, you’ll realize that is one a day…except for leap years. You would have to double up on one cheese every four years…

We were able to share Life in a few meetings with the Saints there. They also ventured with us through the sights and sounds of Paris.

One memorable trip we went on was a boat tour of the River Seine. We walked all over looking for a way to get on the water taxi, all the while enjoying the conversation that came with walking through a beautiful city.

We began the river tour and were able to see many of the intricacies of the city. But I didn’t really notice them. Our conversations were rising above the “beauty” of the city. Our conversations with our brothers and sisters were about Christ and how He has provided us with His Life in unique ways.

What a wonderful sharing experience!

I long to see my French brothers and sisters again soon. We will greet each other with a warm embrace and the whole kiss-on-the-cheek thing. I think that’s a holy kiss. If not, I’m calling it that!

I look forward to having coffee with the brothers and sisters there and sharing in the Lord’s Life as we talk about His purposes being fulfilled in our lives on two different continents.

I know the Lord is moving greatly on His planet through His Creation for His purposes.

My French brothers and sisters believe the same thing.

Sharing this focus and this movement helps us focus and move together.

Man, with that as our common bond…a lot of stuff just kind of falls to the wayside.

A lot of stuff.

May things begin to fall to the wayside for us as we see Him. See if you can see His face through these French Saints:

French Saints

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