– June 11, 2013

Julie and I joined four other folks (Jamal, Brandie, Dean, and Jenni) in September of 2012 on an excursion to Europe to connect with folks we had met on the internet.

I know.

That sounds messed up. Who would ever let one of their friends travel across the world to meet some people they met on the internet?! I’d probably say something about it too!

“But this was different”

Famous last words, unless you know the back story.

We believe God has an eternal purpose for His Creation.

We believe God has created each one of us as a unique expression of His Son to the world.

We believe each one of us has the DNA of Christ in them and expresses His attributes uniquely for the edification and building up of the Church, who is Jesus Christ’s Bride and the Temple of God, or His Building where Christ is the Chief Cornerstone and we are living stones pressed and formed together to house the very Spirit of God.

We gather to bring this reality from heaven to earth.

There are many ways this can be manifested. Jesus Christ is the Head of this Expression. We are His Body. We follow His leading.

The Swiss people we met up with believe these same things. Perhaps you do too. That’s cool.

Because who we meet with is also the Family of God, we call each other brothers and sisters. We are Divine Siblings!

So when we met up with the Swiss folk, guess what? We met up with our brothers and sisters. That is how we immediately saw them and that is how they immediately saw us. There was ONE unifying factor.


He is our Head.

We are His Body.

We are His Bride.

We are His Building.

We are His Army.

We are His Family.

Man, with that as our common bond…a lot of stuff just kind of falls to the wayside.

A lot of stuff.

We were able to truly fellowship as brothers and sisters. We were able to share meals. We were able to share stories of old, memories in Christ, as if we were there with them.

We laughed.

We cried.

We joked.

We felt deep emotion.

We loved.

And isn’t that the bottom line of Christ anyway?


Love God.

Love others.

Man, with that as our common bond…a lot of stuff just kind of falls to the wayside.

A lot of stuff.

So, the Swiss brothers and sisters are looking to the Lord to lead them in their meetings as a group and in their interactions on a day-to-day basis in the mundane actions of the calendar.

Just like me.

Just like us.

We truly are one.

In Christ.

Here is a wonderful view of our brothers and sisters. May you see the face of Christ in this picture. His face is multi-faceted. His face is beautiful. His face is all.

Swiss Brothers and Sisters

We are headed back to share Life with these precious brothers and sisters, precious Saints. Jamal is in the front on the left of the picture. We will be reunited with him…and everyone else the Lord has for us to meet up with again.

We are thankful the Lord has allowed us time and the opportunity to connect with these precious Saints again.

More stories to come later. Until then, my His purpose be our purpose.

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