Letters: Name Droppers

We all know “that guy” who knows everybody who is somebody. And the conversations you have with that guy tend to move towards some famous person or highly esteemed human. In the conversation, “that guy” drops a name and the conversation becomes about that person.

This is the time when we check out of the conversation. Because we don’t know the name that just got dropped. Or perhaps we stay in the conversation because we are impressed with names. Or perhaps we stay in the conversation because we actually know the person who’s named just got dropped. Read More

Tribute to Galileo

He was full of it. You know that, right? He was the weirdo. He was the crazy one. Galileo had the audacity to go against the cultural norm.

He was counter-cultural.

The world is flat. That sounds stupid today, doesn’t it. Well, it didn’t. It was the norm. If you were going to ride on a boat for a while, watch out for the end of the world when you drop off and fall into space…

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