Comparison to Manatees and Two-Toed Sloths

“Previously the name of the city had been Luz.” (Genesis 28:19 NASB)


I’ve never heard of Luz. Tonight, a few of us were talking about Christ. One of us mentioned the story of Jacob’s Ladder. That has become an entirely new story for me in regards to Body Life. But for now, I will focus on Luz…for a minute.

Wikipedia tells us that Luz is Aramaic for a bone in the spinal column, among the cervical vertebrae…the seventh to be exact. C7. It also says,

Muslims and Jews believe that this is the bone from which the body will be rebuilt at the time of resurrection, and share the belief that this bone does not decay


Further reach took me to the Jewish Encyclopedia. More conversation about resurrection and such.

Almost all mammals have C7…except the manatee and the two-toed sloth.

What is so special about this C7? Why is it an important city name back in Genesis? Why did the name of the city get changed to Bethel? And what else happened on Luz, or Bethel? And why so much about resurrection?

Crazy questions that connect with an anatomy lesson!

C7 is the part of the spinal column that attaches the head to the body.

Why is that important?

Jacob was resting in Luz. He had a dream. His dream revealed to him the God of creation. He chose God to be his God. He built an altar from the stone that he used as a pillow. He poured oil over the stone to recognize and symbolize the Holy Spirit and that God was in that place.

So he renamed Luz to Bethel. Which means House of God. This symbolizes that God has rested His Head at this place, this C7, God has rested His Head and called this place home.

There is HUGE significance to this for you and I, except we don’t really find out until a couple of chapters later…in Genesis 32 and then 35. Jacob, which means heel- or leg-puller, was back in Luz…Bethel, the House of God, where God laid His Head. It was in this place that God changed Jacob’s name to Israel.

Jacob wrestled with a man for a blessing. The man blessed him with a new name, a new identity, a new nation.

This is a beautiful picture of our journey! We will wrestle with God through the cross we have to die on. He then resurrects us. He gives us a new identity, a new nation, in Him. It is in this place that God rests His Head, who is Christ. And the Body lives the life given through C7.

And on Jacob’s Ladder, God comes down and touches creation through His new identity…the House of God, in which the cornerstone of this house is Christ Himself. We are living stones connected to Christ.

Beautiful stuff when the riches of Christ come through even an anatomy lesson of the manatee and/or two-toed sloth.

What are your thoughts on C7?